Saturday, February 09, 2013

Dendrobium Aridang Green x Burana Stripe

Aridang Green x Burana Stripe is a hard-cane dendrobium. The flower is a lovely striped pink on a white base with a greenish lip.

Hard-cane dendrobiums are among the easiest of orchids to grow. These orchids aren't very fussy and with some care will reward you with multiple blooms. They need bright light or even a couple hours of direct sunlight. Being epiphytes loose potting mix is essential for their roots to breathe. This can be one or more of stones, charcoal and coconut fiber chunks. I tend not to use much coconut fiber as it deteriorates quickly. Some people grow them on branches and trunks of trees. Fertilizer is essential as the growing media doesn't have much nutrients. Water daily in hot environments and less in other conditions. If you have an irregular watering schedule they wouldn't be adversely affected if it is not too extreme. They do well in tropical gardens once they receive some shade.   

Hard-cane dendrobiums are quite floriferous. Some bloom on each new growth. Others bloom on older canes. Sometimes there are multiple spikes on both new and older canes. The blooms open on spikes successively and last from a couple of weeks to months.   

Plants occasionally produce keikis. These can be potted up. A keiki would take at least six months to reach blooming size in ideal conditions. 

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