Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today's Flowers - July 21st, 2013

This purple hard-cane dendrobium blooms without fail every time it produces a new cane. Like so many other plants it was sold without a cultivar name. As far as orchids are concerned now, I try to only purchase ones that are properly labelled, but this limits my choices! 

Vincas thrive well here in the heat. They are always in bloom and sometimes self-seed. 

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DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful flowers! I always try to find identifying markers when I take photos, but it's not always possible as markers go missing. I love your photos and thank you so much for sharing them again with Today's Flowers. Wishing you a great week :)

Arija said...

Thank you for following my site. Where on this planet of ours are you located. I could not find a profile for you.
I feel the same as you about orchids as well as other plants. If you join an orchid clu,you should have a good source to identify the plants you already have and a good source of new ones with all their provenance. I try to limit myself to flowers with scent, unfortunately I have a large Cymbidium stock and don't really know how to make them less.

Tina´s PicStory said...

very lovely weekend flowers! :)


so pretty :)

James Missier said...

I guess we all love the flowers more than its specific names.
Chances of it being a hybrid and inter-breeding until the names are not labelled can be annoying.
But the plus point is that it does have a beautiful flower.